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Panama requires all foreign documents such as police report ( FBI report for US citizens), pension benefits certificates, marriage certificates and birth certificates to be apostiled by International Apostile Agency abroad. However if you are a US citizen, you may apostile all your documents via Panama embassy in Washington DC, USA. Their website:

Also you may contact us for apostile services anywhere in the world.

The Panama Embassy contact information is as follows;


2862 McGill Terrace, N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Phone number: (202) 483.1407

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Please note you can only visit the Embassy with an appointment.


General Inquiries

NOTE: The US Embassy in Panama does not provide apostile services.


‘Getting Panama driver license is fairly easy if you have a valid driver license from your home country. No need to take a new driver license test. However you need to pass eye and ear exam. Tourists can drive in Panama with a valid drivers license for a period of 90 daysSERTRACEN  is the authorized agency in Panama that issues Panama driver’s licenses.

Please follow guidance from SERTRACEN  on how to obtain a driver’s license in Panama for the first time.


  1. Make an appointment with U.S. embassy ( in Panama for notary services
  2. Bring your valid U.S driver license to US embassy in Clayton for verification
  3. Pay the required fee at the U.S. embassy and receive the affidavit from Consulate
  4. Take the U.S. Embassy affidavit along with your valid driver license to SERTRACEN office
  5. You will be receiving your Panama license.

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In case you are considering to purchase a property in Panama, we recommend to contract a trusted attorney to represent you. Before entering a contract to purchase a land, condo or home, the trusted attorney would perform his due diligence to make sure there is no pending litigation or any other claims against the property. Once everything is clear, you may enter into a contract to purchase a property. Moreover, we do not recommend to purchase properties that have no title. Contact us today and let us make sure the property you are purchasing is titled and is free of any kind of debt.

Titles Property or Concession property?
A great deal of the land outside Panama City, coastal areas and on islands do not have titles. . Rights of possession and concessions on untitled land increases the risk of ownership disputes and lawsuits in Panama court system. It is recommended that buyers understand the type of property they are purchasing and proceed with caution. Panama’s Registro Publico  (Public Registry) is the source of information on all property ownership.

Panamanian Judicial System
The laws and regulations in Panama are quite different from the USA. It is noteworthy that the judicial system’s capacity to resolve contractual and property disputes takes a long time ( up to 10 years ) and is subject to corruption.  The World Economic Forum ranks Panama’s level of judicial independence to be 133 out of 142 countries in the world.

For more information, please read the Department of State’s Investment Climate Statement .


  • Security: Panama is a secure country and crime rate is very low.
  • Residency Discounts: As a Panama resident, Retirees enjoy up to 50% discounts on airline tickets, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, and more.
  • Investment Opportunities: Panama is a financial hub of Latin America and there are a great deal of investmennt opportunities.
  • Asset Protection: Panama considered the best TAX HAVEN JURISDICTION in the world.
  • Tax Exemption:  Foreign investors enjoy tax empemtion and do not pay income tax.
  • Proximity to USA: Panama is only 3 hours away from Miami, Florida.
  • Easy- Going Lifestyle: Panama lifestyle is different than North America and Europe. Easy going people of Panama welcome you to their country
  • Tropical Weather: Panama has tropical climate all year around.


Some people call country of Panama ” paradise”. We try to explain pros & cons of Panama living. No doubt Panama is one of the most beautul places to live. Country of Panama is one of Central America’s most Beautiful countries, with beaches, jungles, islands, and rivers, there is always something new to explore. You can organize weekend excursions to explore the diverse landscapes of Panama, including visits to the rain forests of Soberania National Park, home to an abundance of wildlife and stunning waterfalls. You can also plan to visit the Embera Quera community and learn about their unique traditions and way of life. You can explore the fascinating exhibits at the Bio-Museum, delve into the wonders of the Panama Canal at the Mira Flores Locks, or encounter playful monkeys on Monkey Island. The diverse wildlife at the Smithsonian Natural Center is worth a visit and you must experience the heartwarming work of the Sloth Sanctuary. Other adventure activities include ziplining through the rain forest canopy to whitewater rafting on the Chagres

Panama is the home to several Native American peoples, such as the GuaymíKuna, and Chocó, Panama became the first Spanish colony on the Pacific. Panama also known for Celebrated as “the door to the seas and key to the universe,” it served in the 1530s as the staging point for the Spanish conquest of the Inca empire and until the 19th century it was a transshipment point for gold and silver destined for Spain. With the independence of Colombia, which once controlled Panama, from Spain, Panama came to serve as another staging point, this time for oceangoing migrants to the gold fields of California.

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Upon arrival in Panama City one finds some pretty impressive things along with some pretty strange ones. Panamanians themselves, the people. Of the diverse ethnic group, that intrigue about Panamanian culture stands out more than anything else. The first thing that enthralls one with Panama, when you walk the streets is the ethnical diversity. No matter where you are there will be people of all ethnicities together. When the majority of the country is made up of mixed race people, it does something to the mindset and identity of a country. There is a feeling of freedom in the streets when it comes to racial diversity, a feeling that everyone is free to express themselves and no matter what you look like you could be a fellow Panamanian. While racism is not non-existent, it is definitely apparent in Panama that most people will not judge you by the color of your skin.

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In Panama you will be immersed in the local culture and history of this beautiful country. In addition to the service projects your group will do in local communities, you and your students will dive into the vibrant tapestry of Panama – a land with breathtaking landscapes, rich indigenous cultures, and a dynamic urban pulse. Embark on a transformative journey that intertwines cultural immersion with impactful volunteer experiences, forging unforgettable memories for you and your students.

Each day, delve into the heart of Panamanian culture through guided activities and workshops led by passionate locals. Master and  sharpen your culinary skills with a cooking class where you’ll learn to prepare a mouthwatering Panamanian dish such as “tamales”, and unleash your inner artist with intricate techniques of mola-painting, temporary tattoos and jewelry-making workshop from members of the Guna indigenous group guided by Embera women. You can even carve your own artisan souvenir out of soapstone.

Panama is a place where you immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this captivating country while contributing to the well-being of local communities and changing the life of the people that need it the most. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a transformative journey that will leave a lasting impact on you and the Panamanian people.