Panama offshore company and foundation are very popular due to unique Panama law structure. Panama’s specific offshore company jurisdiction features & benefits are far superior than other countries due to:




Can I Set up A Panama Foundation?

Setting up a Panama Foundation consist of certain legal process and stratgy in order to achieve its purpose. Whether you are setting up a foundation for asset protection or probate, you need to have a great deal of expertise. Here we provide you with comprehensive information, so you can benefit from having a Panama foundation. The following guideline, will ensure a successful set up of your Panama Foundation.

Setting Up A Panama Foundation:

Individuals or corporations could set up a Panama foundation for variety of reasons. Panama foundation is designed to take advantage of its structure and assist companies as well as individuals in TAXES, PRIVACY & ASSET PROTECTION.

Benefits of Panama Foundations

A Panama foundation provides many benefits to individuals and corporations. seeking to protect their assets, optimize their tax planning, and benefit from confidentiality. Furthermore, Panama Foundation is much more beneficial when compared to other offshore jurisdictions.

One of the main advantages of a Panama Foundation is asset protection. The founder of the Foundation can transfer their assets to the Foundation, which then becomes the legal owner. As a separate legal entity, the Foundation can manage the assets and distribute them to beneficiaries as per the foundation charter.

Another benefit is the tax advantages. Panama Foundation is not subject to income or capital gains tax, making it an excellent option for international tax planning. Moreover, the Foundation is not required to keep accounting records or file tax returns.

Confidentiality is also vital to many clients, and Panama Foundation provides an ideal solution for this. The details of the founder, beneficiaries, and assets are kept anonymous, ensuring that they are not available to the public or any third parties.

Regarding the legal framework, Panama Foundation is governed by the Panama Private Interest Foundation Law of 1995. The Foundation itself is not considered a legal entity, but rather a fiduciary relationship between the founder, the Foundation Council (similar to a board of directors), and the beneficiaries. The foundation charter outlines the goals and objectives of the Foundation, as well as the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.


“Panama Foundation provides an excellent solution for asset protection, tax planning, and confidentiality.”

Can Panama Foundation Protect Your Assets?

Panama foundation are designed to protect and preserve all kinds of assets such as properties, stocks, bonds, cash, etc. A Panama foundation structure enables assets of foundation to be held in an entity that is protected from foreclosures, bankrupcy courts, creditors, divorce proceeding, etc. In effect, an asset protection foundation is an integral part of a traditional estate planning process.

Set up Process To Panama Foundation

Establishing a Panama Foundation involves few steps as follows:

What To DoSummary
Foundation name & PurposeChoose a unique name and purpose of the foundation
Founder of the FoundationChoose a founder, who can be an individual or a legal entity, and define their roles and responsibilities.
Foundation objectiveFoundation charter outlines the foundation’s purpose, governing bodies, and rules for operation.
Registeration of the FoundationOnce the Foundation is established, it must be registered with the Panama Public Registry to make it official.
Notarize All Documents In order to comply withthe law, it is required that all documents be notarized by a notary public in Panama.

How to Protect My Assets?

In order to protect assets via a Panama foundation, you need to seek assistance of an experienced asset protection advisor. Panama Legal Center experienced attorneys are here to provide a solid asset protection structure that is legal, ironclad and is recognized all over the world.


Professional Assistance in Panama Foundation Setup

Setting up a Panama Foundation can be a complex process, requiring a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory framework. As such, seeking professional assistance is strongly recommended.

A professional can offer expert guidance on the various steps involved, from selecting a name and drafting a foundation charter to registering with the relevant authorities and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. By working with a professional, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process, minimizing the risk of errors or delays.

Moreover, a professional can provide insights into the benefits of a Panama Foundation and help you identify the best strategies for achieving your financial goals. They can advise on asset protection, tax planning, and confidentiality, helping you to make informed decisions and optimize your financial position.

Overall, seeking professional assistance can be a valuable investment in your financial future, providing expert guidance and support throughout the establishment of your Panama Foundation.



Setting up a Panama Foundation can be a wise decision for those seeking asset protection, tax advantages, and confidentiality. However, it is important to follow a comprehensive guide for success and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

By understanding the benefits and legal framework of Panama Foundations, selecting a suitable foundation name, appointing the founder, drafting the foundation charter, and registering with the relevant authorities, the process can be smooth and efficient.

It is also important to seek professional assistance from experts in Panama Foundation setup, who can provide guidance and expertise to ensure the success of the process.

Overall, with careful planning and attention to detail, setting up a Panama Foundation can be a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike.


Q: Why should I consider setting up a Panama Foundation?

A: Establishing a Panama Foundation offers several benefits such as asset protection, tax advantages, and confidentiality. It can provide a secure and efficient structure for managing your assets.

Q: What is the legal framework surrounding Panama Foundations?

A: Panama Foundations operate under specific requirements and regulations. Understanding the legal framework is crucial to ensure compliance and maximize the advantages offered by this structure.

Q: What is the process to set up a Panama Foundation?

A: The steps involve selecting a foundation name, appointing the founder, drafting the foundation charter, registering with the relevant authorities, and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Q: Why to seek professional assistance for setting up a Panama Foundation?

A: Panama Legal Center professional team of attorneys can set up an iron clad Panama foundation that would be beneficial for tax purposes as well as asset protection.